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S4S - Software 4 Specialists

Here's what our users have to say:

“S4S Audit4 is an invaluable software addition to my specialist cardiology practice. It makes script writing incredibly fast, and ordering pathology is similarly streamlined. The database search function also makes it easy to audit my practice, and to find patients with specified diseases who may be suitable for clinical trials. I also use Audit4 in my satellite clinic (via VPN) because I could not live without it for a day!”

Jim Rogers

“As a full-time consultant haematologist I have a huge patient load. S4S Audit4 makes it so much easier to write the multiple drug scripts I have to supply everyday. I find I can now easily keep track of a patient's medical history and response to therapy using S4S Audit4. It is great for checking blood test results which I can view either in graphical or tabular format from my rooms or from home. The software support team have been outstanding. I would recommend Audit4 to all my colleagues.”

Cecily Forsyth