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S4S - Software 4 Specialists

Features of Audit4 Medical

Clinical record

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Easily record key clinical information including primary diagnoses and comorbidities, with their clinical onset, course and control.

Record procedures, operations and complications.

Clinical worksheets to record details specific to a condition or procedure, customised for each specialty and hospital departments.

Progress/consult notes can be entered by typing, voice recognition software, or hand written on a tablet.

Express report

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Consult or procedure reports are automatically generated from collation of the patient's clinical data. Can be customised to include latest pathology results, graphs, photographs, etc..


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Uses MIMS to record or prescribe drug treatments with tracking of dose changes to enable dose-response analysis. Captures reason for drug cessation and records adverse reactions.

Investigations - requests & downloads

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Pathology, radiology and nuclear medicine ordered on blank A4 paper - no need to waste time hunting for pads from the multitude of providers. Results automatically downloaded to the Audit4 inbox for quick perusal before electronic filing.

Pathology results can be graphed and manipulated statistically for audit purposes

Document and media management

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Scan/import documents and images, categorised and viewed from patient's clinical file.

Go paperless!

Body surface annotations

Mark lesions on representation of body surface, male and female. Associate with diagnosis, procedure and photos.

Cancer staging

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Integrated complete TNM and histology reference (from the American Joint Committee on Cancer) used to automatically calculate cancer stage.

Clinical recalls, alerts and reminders

Audit & search

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Powerful, simple to use, instant audit of conditions, treatments and outcomes. Invaluable for identifying patients for clinical trials. Assists with CPD/MOPS.

Supports export of data to PowerPoint, Excel and statistical software packages.

Audits can be undertaken at a number of levels of increasing sophistication:

  1. Simple search e.g. find all female patients, aged > 50y with osteoporosis and DEXA L2-4 T-score<-2.5, and 25-OH-Vitamin D < 30 nM
  2. Retrospective practice audit e.g. show breakdown of all conditions seen in your clinical practice, with secondary breakdown by any other factor eg age, ethnicity
  3. Customised retrospective audit e.g. find all patients first seen after 2002, last seen in 2005 with primary condition Type 2 diabetes: find Wt, BP, HbA1c, lipid profile on last visit and show mean, range and SD for each factor, and proportion of patients achieving target which you set
  4. Procedure audit e.g. number of PCIs performed between January 2005 & 2006. Number and type of drug eluting stents, complications, and outcomes.
  5. Prospective studies e.g. Audit of Erbitux (cetuximab) in colorectal cancer: customised data sheets to capture key relevant data including cancer morphology, histological grade, stage, prior treatments, ECOG, disease recurrence - data can be de-identified and aggregated with other participants in study prior to analysis of outcomes

Helpful for CPD/MOPS